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PRESBYOND :Ditch the hassle of reading glasses !

PRESBYOND is the ideal solution to help you read again without glasses if you’re 45-plus.

The Presbyond, laser presbyopia operation

What are the PRESBYOND laser suitability criteria?

This technique makes it possible to treat:

  • Everyone with presbyopia regardless of your age
  • Presbyopic and myopic up to -12 D
  • Presbyopic and hyperopic up to +4.5 and / or astigmatic from 0.25 to 6 D

How does PRESBYOND laser work?

PRESBYOND laser treatment reshapes the cornea to allow the best focusing of optical rays on the retina regardless of the viewing distance. PRESBYOND adjusts each eye in slightly different ways: one eye is adjusted to sea mostly at a distance and a little close-up, while the other is the opposite: mostly close-up and a little at a distance. The brain compensates for this change almost instantly, combining the two images to give much greater depth of vision. You will be able to see again naturally at all distances without glasses.

What are the PRESBYOND laser advantages?

It does not induce vision loss, notably in patients who only suffer from presbyopia. It does not induce a reduction in visual quality at night. It has a very low risk of serious complications, we perform the PRESBYOND laser treatment using the LASIK all LASER technique. This method combines the use of two lasers, whose precision and safety are unanimously recognized:

  • The EXCIMER MEL 90 ZEISS laser

What are the PRESBYOND laser disadvantages?

Some patients might take some time to get use to not seeing the same thing with both eyes.

What are the PRESBYOND laser risks?

All operations carry risks, but complications do not happen by chance. Thanks to our experience and the rigour of our processes, we make every effort to ensure the best results during your operation. There are no serious complications to fear with PRESBYOND laser treatment. Please note that it is impossible to lose your sight.

But like all operations or medical treatments, some rare side effects have been reported. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions during the pre-operative consultation to be completely reassured.

What are the PRESBYOND laser alternatives?

PRESBYOND laser treatment is suitable for most patients; however, there can be a contraindication to this treatment. In this case, we propose treatment for your presbyopia and your associated visual defects using the PRELEX method. This method involves implanting an intraocular lens to correct your vision permanently.

What are the PRESBYOND steps?

Before your operation

On the day of your treatment, you will spend an hour with us. Upon your arrival at the centre we will give you a pre-medication to relax you and a sterile robe to wear.

During your operation

During your procedure, you will be lying on an ophthalmological chair. We will apply a topical anesthesia in the form of eye drops. The 20-minute procedure consists of two steps:

The VISUMAX laser creates a corneal flap. Your surgeon lifts the flap. The EXCIMER laser reshapes your cornea correction your visual impairment Your surgeon will then gently reposition the flap that naturally adheres to the cornea.

After that, the treatment is finished. The procedure is not painful and is perfectly safe. After your operation For your departure, it is necessary to be met by an accompanying person. We advise you to go home and rest with your eyes closed for 3 to 4 hours. You will need to follow the surgeon instructions by instilling anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops.

We will need to perform a post-operative check-up between 1 and 10 days. It is advisable to avoid situations where there may be a risk of infection for 3 to 4 days after your treatment.

What are the PRESBYOND laser results?

PRESBYOND results are excellent, whatever the associated visual defects. Our statistic results show that 90% of everyday activities are possible without glasses or contact lenses. Only very fine prints, with poor light, are difficult to read for 10% of the patients who might need extra glasses. All of our patients tell us how satisfied they are with this surgery which brings an excellent visual quality and a great freedom in everyday life. On average, visual acuity for both near and distant vision improves by more than 93% after PRESBYOND.

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