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The Donate Method

The Dr. David Donate has earned an international reputation in the field of refractive surgery. Its techniques (laser or implants) make it possible to eradicate vision defects and improve the lives of many patients, regardless of their age. On this page, you will discover the methods implemented by our clinic to offer you a fresh look and the well-being it provides.

The Donate Method

Having an eye operation is never a trivial decision. Patients, even if they are motivated, still feel apprehensive about proceeding with surgery. They wonder if they have chosen the right surgeon; if the results will live up to their expectations; what the risks are, and if they will suffer complications… At the Bellecour Vision Clinic, we want to ensure that your experience is not a stressful ordeal.


Seeing well and rediscovering well-being

We want you to have a pleasant experience of self-improvement. We want you to know that we will always do what is best for you. We have created the Donate Method: a protocol that leaves nothing to chance. A process that sets us apart from other clinics and laser centres. First, the Bellecour Vision Clinic is a centre dedicated to vision correction surgery.

We have:

  • A new clinic
  • The best staff
  • The best technology
  • Unique know-how

We designed the clinic with our patients’ comfort in mind. At the heart of the Lyon peninsula, Place Bellecour, yet away from noise and bustle, our clinic is a soothing place to receive your treatment. We have equipped it with several examination and consultation rooms, and two operating theatres.

This allows us to see you in consultation and carry out your treatment in one place. Thus, we control the quality of your care from start to finish. Our staff are specialized in vision correction surgery and only work in the clinic. From the first contact, whether by phone, email, Whatsapp or on-site, you will enjoy a warm welcome from our dedicated team.

A medical team and experienced optometrists by your side

These people are available to answer your questions and help you plan for your treatment. Thanks to our optometrists, you will have the most thorough preoperative assessment in the region. A two-hour examination will allow us to:

  • Assess your eyes’ health
  • Detect any pathologies
  • Take your eye measurements to find the surgical method that suits you

You will then see Doctor Donate who will present you with your best treatment option and explain the procedure to you. He is the one who will operate on you and see you in postoperative consultation. The Bellecour Vision Clinic has equipped itself with the best equipment to ensure the best results.

We treat your visual defects with modern and painless surgical techniques

As technology evolves rapidly in ophthalmic surgery, we are constantly renewing our equipment. We have all the operating techniques to offer you the most suitable for your specific case. Some centers will recommend the same treatment for everyone. This is because this is the only one, they have.

We will select a personalized, tailored and precise treatment, for your individual needs. Finally, we have the unique know-how. Our philosophy is to always seek the best result for you. To do this, we have been collecting and analyzing all our patients’ pre and postoperative results for years.

A transparent and reassuring operating process for our patients

We are also the only ophthalmological clinic to have a full-time engineer on-site to process these results and program our lasers. This ensures that our treatments are appropriate and precise. We know that post-operative complications are not the result of chance. They are often due to a lack of anticipation (undetected pre-existing pathology, bad indication for surgery, etc.).

Our Donate Method ensures we avoid complications and achieve the best result. Finally, above all, we want you to be comfortable throughout your treatment. We do everything to ensure that your operation and recovery are completely painless and that you feel looked after. Our kind and attentive team will ensure you feel informed, reassured and relaxed on your journey to better vision.

Visit the Bellecour Vision Clinic YouTube Channel

You will be able to watch and discover Doctor Donate's educational videos (proposed in French) as well as testimonials from patients who have placed their trust in us for eye surgery.