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The Doctor David Donate

Specialized in refractive surgery, Doctor Donate is one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in France. He offers rigorous care focused on the well-being of the patient, pain management and the search for the best visual results.

The Doctor David Donate

With over 25 years of experience performing more than 30 000 successful eye procedures, and an array of academic publications and research, Dr. David Donate is one of the most experienced French surgeons for laser and implants surgeries.

At his state-of-the-art clinic in Lyon, Dr. Donate follows a specialized method to ensure his patients feel confident on their vision correction journey. Combined with the highest quality pre-op and post-op appointments, expert precision solutions and top technology, Dr. Donate is perfectly positioned to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Doctor David Donate, an internationally renowned eye surgeon

He constantly tries to improve existing surgical techniques, and more specifically, the SMILE technique that he contributed to enhance, inventing the “Sub-Cap Lenticule Extraction” in 2015. This is a modification of the SMILE procedure that eye surgeons use to correct any remaining myopia after SMILE. This approach preserves the advantages of SMILE by helping to avoid pain, discomfort and dry eye, and maintain the structural properties of the cornea.

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You will be able to watch and discover Doctor Donate's educational videos (proposed in French) as well as testimonials from patients who have placed their trust in us for eye surgery.