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Our devoted team

Alongside Doctor Donate for several years, the Bellecour Vision Clinic team specializes in refractive surgery. At each stage of your journey towards a better view, you will be accompanied by a conscientious and dynamic team, but also reassuring and warm. Come meet us!

Our team

Bellecour Vision Clinic

Our medical assistants

From your first call to your last post operative appointment, Aline and Claire, our medical assistants, will be your guides all the way through your journey to a better vision. They are trained to ensure a high-quality care path at all levels of contact: medical, technical and administrative. They have a perfect knowledge of the commitments we make : you will be in good hands. Their mission is to make your visit a moment as simple and pleasant as possible.


Our team of optometrists includes Hélène, Rozenn and Pierre-Etienne. They work closely with Dr. Donate. They are trained to examine your eyes, evaluate your vision so that we can know everything about the health of your eyes. You will spend a lot of time with them because our pre and post operative examinations are very complete. They are experts in their field, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.


chirurgie des yeux, Bellecour Vision Clinic Lyon

Jérémy, our ingineer

Jérémy is here to compile, record and analyze all the datas we can get from your eyes examinations before and after surgery. Thanks to this meticulous work, we have a huge database which permits to perfectly adapt our lasers’ settings. At the Bellecour Vision Clinic, there are no standardised settings, everything is tailor-made for your eyes. We know exactly what result to expect when we propose a solution to your vision problems.

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Marjorie, our nurse

Marjorie has been working with Dr. Donate for years so she knows perfectly the pathologies which will be treated in the OR. She will be by your side and assist the surgeon from beginning to end of the treatment.

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Jean-Charles, Our clinic manager

Jean-Charles is in charge of the administrative, accounting and human resources aspects in our clinic. You might not meet him but he watches over the Bellecour Vision Clinic’s mechanisms.

Check out Bellecour Vision Clinic YouTube Channel

You will be able to watch and discover Doctor Donate's educational videos (proposed in French) as well as testimonials from patients who have placed their trust in us for eye surgery.